Friday, October 24, 2014

leaf change is very fine this year

Two more weeks of classes finished, and I think things are still going well. I will probably have a couple of unhappy students but their problems are beyond what I can help them with. I have five weeks of classes left and then a four course spring that should have me with a hundred plus students. If I have to have my knee replaced in the mid-summer my fall courses will be a half load and I should be fully recovered by November. I finished my IT training so that’s done for a year. Claire is doing very well and there’s a good chance she will be moving to Atlanta in the spring with Luke. She will probably be engaged by then and I am very glad things are going so well. I walked with Rob last night and more nastiness from Fay. Why can’t she just leave him alone? I have decided to dress up as a zombie on the 30th for the zombie run. My knees are pretty bad but I have found that by cutting my biking to 40 minutes and hiking up to the orchard once, they feel better. I am still doing my weights and yoga. Maddie is doing well at VT and I am glad about that. I may see her for dinner next week. I have been playing golf (and will play today) but not walking too much at night because of my knees. I am still about 220 and I would like to get down to 215 soon.

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