Sunday, November 2, 2014

A fine birthday weekend

I had a very good birthday weekend and I still have a dinner with the Gallos to come since Cathy was sick. I had a lobster dinner at Red Lobster on the 31th and the next day I had a nice lunch at Rob’s and then a pizza dinner and a movie with Gyorgyi. Zombie after Bark went well and I did look pretty effective. I had a nice time with Jeanie and Stacey. My teaching week went pretty well and I have three more weeks till thanksgiving. Only Andy showed up for the visit to my hollow for the 310 class but it was nice to talk with him, eat some good food, and take a walk down to the gate. I played golf even though it was in the low forties, and I played rather well. Claire is doing fine and I should see her for dinner this week. Gloria called for my birthday as did Kelly and she sent me a picture of Lucia’s card which was very cute. Gabes sent me birthday greetings also and I am looking forward to seeing him in December. I had dinner with Maddie this week and that was fun and I drove her home on Friday.

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