Friday, November 7, 2014

Three weeks left in the semester

Another week of teaching finished and I think it went pretty well. I did evaluations in 203 and 310 and those should be around 3.8 with the 454 course still waiting. The one student in 454 who has problems with his writing is probably going to blast me in the evaluations even though his writing problems should have been addressed years ago. I worked a little on the Phil Chase piece and I should be able to get it finished on time. I talked to a realtor down in Isle of Palms and I should be about to get a place down there for two months for around 3 grand with a possibility of it being in Wild Dunes. Claire is doing well and I should see her next week for dinner. I should be having dinner with the Gallos tomorrow to celebrate both our birthdays. My headaches remain but I think they are getting a little better since I started taking more blood pressure medication (which Cathy said might cause the headaches).

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