Saturday, November 15, 2014

one more week before thanksgiving

I think my headaches were caused by my dental work, since they have cleared up as my teeth continue to heal. I have one week to finish before Thanksgiving and then one week of teaching before exam week. This semester has gone pretty fast and it has been rather easy, but spring should be much tougher. I did my open house today and that went quite well, with six students visiting. The two ambassadors, Lauren and Jenna, were very sweet and I joked with Jeanie a little and she took a picture of me pretending to be asleep. I will be having dinner with Claire on Tuesday and I’ll catch up on how things are going with Luke. I saw Rob and things are okay with him but they have to potential to heat up, as they usually do. I will be looking at a 165K condo on Monday. It’s on Chowning street and is one story with five rooms. I doubt I will be buying right now but I do want to see what is around. Haven’t heard from Gloria so I assume she doesn’t want to discuss her behavior during her visit, which is fine with me. If she is comfortable with her behavior, then I have no desire to deal with her. My friend Dave is doing very well, having been in a coma for eight days and almost dying. He is in rehab and I spoke to him for a long time and he sounded pretty good, although very slightly slurring his words. I played golf today even though it was in the low forties and I had fun. Now I am watching the Alabama/Mississippi State game, which is 5-0 Alabama right now. I hope it is close.

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