Tuesday, December 9, 2014

a tough semester comes to an end

I have two days left of finals and then off for 5 weeks. As I have gotten older, I need more and more time to recover from a semester. I drove up to Roanoke today, after taking a morning hike and doing my weights and yoga, and picked up my hip waders, which I hope to use soon. I also played golf up at Olde Monterey and shot a 49, with my putting pretty poor. I think it was a little warmer so I may go up again if there is a great difference in temperatures between Ironto and Roanoke. Gloria sent me a Christmas card, so I guess she is taking the strategy of not dealing with the problem. She did the same thing with Kathy Roche and with Jill but I am not going to let this go: either she discusses her behavior or I won’t call her. I don’t need another person being rude to me. I will see Claire for dinner tomorrow and I hope her trip to Atlanta went well. I saw Abbey and gave her some money so she can apply to more graduate schools (after I promised not to give out any more money right now, especially after I gave 250 to Heifer and 250 to Americares). I did a great job on the storm door, moving the side away from the hinge about a quarter of an inch out and the door now closes perfectly. The electric heater in the bedroom is working well. Twenty minutes before I jump in bed and I don’t have to hide under the covers; I can read (right now, another top 100 from Modern Library, I, Claudius). I finally got under 220 the last couple of days and if I keep avoiding carbs I think I can get down to 212 (I’m at 218 right now). I have finished the Kaatskill Life article and I have one good shot of Phil Chase and I am hoping for a couple more. One might have to do. I got the field guides for Lucia, and I think she will like them.

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