Saturday, December 13, 2014

getting ready to head to Catonsville and NY

Today was a very good day if somewhat expensive. My bike really can’t really be repaired at this point so I am buying another one with fewer gears and one that should require less maintenance. With the trade in on my Trek, it should run about 400 more. I did have a nice bike ride on the Huckleberry even if I did have to play my music to drown out all the mechanical noise from the bike. I cut up and moved almost all the remaining stuff that needed to be cut. Another half hour of moving and everything should be fine. I took a nice walk in the morning and ran into a yearling calf that had gotten in so I had to chase it out and then go and refasten two strands of barbed wire. Getting up and down to the stream was the problem. Although it was only about a foot and a half down, it was slippery so I had to be very cautious. The house is in good shape and I hope to change the oil in the generator tomorrow. This was a tough semester but I am starting to relax and playing a little video golf, doing my lumosity training every day, keeping up on my blog. Not a bad life at all and with my weight below 218, I am feeling very positive. I hope me trip to Catonsville works well and then I hope the same for the NY trip. The weather looks pretty good in both places. I think my knees will be okay. I did get three more photos for the Phil Chase article and that should do it if I can get the other people in the photos identified.

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