Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Passing of Clyde Sisson

It is New Year’s Eve and I will be having dinner at Red Lobster and then off to the house to watch the ball drop. I had a fun day, hiking in the cold morning (31), playing golf (46), riding my new bike (with only three gears so it will be very easy to maintain), then walking with Rob at Tom’s Creek trail. Pugsy isn’t doing well and couldn’t finish the hike, the first time that has happened. Mr. Sisson passed away last night and I sent the Sissons a big Harry and David box. I saw him at the hospital on Saturday and then I visited him at home on Monday evening and chatted with many of the Sissons. I will miss Clyde, a unique man with so many talents, a man who could fix anything and who knew more history than anyone I have ever met. The viewing is Friday and the funeral is Saturday. I had dinner with Cathy last night and that was fun. She is feeling better and that was good to see. My dental nightmare continues since at my supposed final appointment on Tuesday, the new bridge didn’t fit and the dentist will have to send it back. I now have a “final” appointment on Thursday the 8th at 12:10 and then I will head down to Charlotte to begin my 6 days at Wild Dunes. My paper wasn’t accepted at CEA despite the President assuring me that since they were asking me to renew my membership, that my paper had been accepted. I am actually pretty glad since I didn’t really want to write it and I didn’t want to go to Indianapolis in March.

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