Saturday, February 14, 2015

four week done

It is the end of the fourth week of classes and I am doing fine. No real problem students and the classes are going pretty well, especially the very lively American Renaissance. I had a stunning conversation with Marina and it seems that she is a total ingrate. I don’t think I will have any more contact with her and it may influence my relationship with her mother. I do think her dad has poisoned her relationship with me but I am going to move on. Enough insults from one family. I am going to have dinner with Cathy tonight and then Claire on Monday. It has been real cold but I played golf today even though it was really windy and about 40. I also took a hike this morning and went back to the orchard 3 times. The house is in very good shape. I finally got the check from AXA and Kelly and Alfredo can deposit the checks I sent them to help with their house down payment. They both are very appreciative. I contacted the bird club for Maddie and I hope to send out her poems to Rattle later today. My finances look pretty good and if I don’t overspend I should be on track to retire after 5 more semesters. My weight remains at 211 and I need to push on to get to 205. My knees are much better and if I had to make a choice right now, I would put off the operation.

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