Monday, February 16, 2015

the first snowstorm of the winter

Finally in mid-February we get a big snow, possibly 10 inches by tomorrow at noon. Radford was closed at noon today and it’s not clear if it will be closed tomorrow. I spent last night at the house and that was pleasant. I rode the bike and cleaned up the guest room a bit and got almost all my work done for the first two days. I parked down by the gate so just in case I would be able to get out and I did in the morning around 9. I charged the batteries to 100 and that should be good until Wednesday when I shall have to go out there unless we get some sun. I am staying at the Hampton Inn in C’Burg and I got the 95 dollar snow rate so that is a lot better than the 122 rate. Got a nice e-mail from Maddie about the owl email from the bird club I forwarded to her and she seems to be doing fine. My dinner with Cathy on Saturday was fun though we had to cut it short because of the weather. I ended up sleeping in my office, which was not the most pleasant thing. My classes are going well and I am glad 4 weeks are over. Catherine, the woman who responded to my email on Match, didn’t respond to my second email. That’s okay with me.

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