Friday, February 6, 2015

three weeks of class done

My third week of classes is over and no real problems with students; that is a real relief. The one student who didn’t hand in a surprise quiz has been notified and I hope that is enough. I have been teaching okay but my memory does miss occasionally, but it is still pretty rare. I did mention it to my American Renaissance class and they didn’t think it was a big deal. I have been doing hikes when the weather isn’t too cold and I have played golf here and there. I have transformed my refrigerator back into an ice-box so that has saved a lot of electricity. The house is in good shape and I have everything outside fixed up. Today I put new windshield wipers on. I picked Maddie up in Radford and drove her to her 11 o’clock class and waited for her (walking over to Lavery Hall, which has a huge food court). It was fun to explore. Then I drove Maddie back and she was very appreciative. I talked to Gyorgyi today and I may meet her for dinner tomorrow if she isn’t too busy. I am so glad we haven’t had a big snow yet, and the next week looks okay. My finances are going to be okay but I have to be very careful for the next year at least. I may not replace my truck in June if things are still very tight even though a trip out west in a truck with 130,000 miles is not the most pleasant prospect. My weight is 211 so my dieting has really paid off and I am hoping that if I can get it down to 205, perhaps I can avoid the knee operation.

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