Saturday, March 21, 2015

getting back to teaching

I am doing pretty well, but my knees are not so good. I did a hike this morning and I felt tired and both my knees ached. I got home took a nap, and decided to rest my knees and not go fishing in the north fork or do my weights and yoga. I did practice piano for about 20 minutes and then I headed off to get rid of the stuff I cleaned out of the tractor barn. I may have done too much biking and hiking lately and also working outside, fixing the road, changing the generator oil, some greenhouse work (the lettuce is up and the broccoli is doing well and I expect the peas up soon). Coltfoot has been out for a week and speedwell is flowering. I heard the Louisiana waterthrush, Carolina chickadee, the meadow lark, cardinals, and perhaps the worm eating warbler. I have to do something about the culvert leading into the pond but I think I’ll wait for my knees to recover. Talking to Gloria and she had a restful time in Florida. She is not going to collect SS yet even though I think she should. Of course, that is her choice. Kelly called me about the holly trees in front of the house and I wasn’t sure if she should cut them down. She choose to and I think the house does look better. My classes are going fine although my last 200-05 class was not very good. I am pretty tired but I only have six weeks left. My commentary did appear in the Roanoke paper but I’m not sure if it was only in the online edition. I got the info from Will about future taxes and I think I can retire after 5 more semesters. That is a comfort.

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