Saturday, March 14, 2015

spring break

A very productive day, with two hikes, trimming the road, clearing the asparagus patch, charging the batteries with over 260 amp hours (still much left to be done). I may have a little trouble since when I switched to equalize this evening, the charging rate went down to around 12, much below the 40 I am used to. I hope tomorrow will be better. Over break, I cleaned out a couple more big garbage bags of trash in the cabin and organized the guest room, consolidating all my found golf balls (which are several hundred at least), practiced a lot on the piano, walked a lot, cut myself a new walking stick (to replace the one I lost up in Catonsville). I played golf a couple of times and shot okay. I had one nice walk with Rob and may see him tomorrow if he has time and has recovered from his cold. I have also planted 12 broccoli plants along with my two kinds of lettuce and sugar peas. I did write a commentary about Ferguson for the Roanoke paper and I will find out soon if they are going to use it. It doesn’t matter much but I think it is a well written effort. The trip to Kelly’s was very productive and with Alfredo’s help I accomplished a great deal, fixing a couple of broken drawers, spackling and painting the cat claw damage, fixing the molding around the attic door and in the kitchen, running a trip to the dump. I had a nice time with Lucia after I talked with her about how she wanted to play (basically she was fine with doing anything she wanted to me but she is 6 and I can live with that). I start teaching on Monday and I am ready for the final 7 weeks. It has been a decent semester so far and I hope it continues this way.

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