Sunday, March 1, 2015

one week to spring break

I had a productive weekend, getting ahead on my grading, hiking and walking quite a bit, doing the bike indoors and weights and yoga. My weight is 212 and it seems stable at that but I do want to get it steady at 210. I am eating a little too much and that has had a bad effect on my number. Classes continue pretty well and this week should be relatively easy, with three movie classes and three midterms. I am ready for spring break and it should be fun to see Kelly and Lucia and help Alfredo. I hope I can get some golf in soon but it might not be till the following week. Gyorgyi and I went to the Still Alice after dinner at Nawab, and that was fun. She seems to be doing well and I advised her to at least check her TIAA account to see how much is in stocks. No word from Dolores or Marina and I am not going to do anything at this point. Gyorgyi agreed that what Marina said was terribly unfair but she thought I shouldn’t reveal what Marina did (I had promised her I wouldn’t) but I think all bets are off after her outrageous behavior. My finances are okay and my planning will depend on what Will says I will have to pay in taxes after I move out of the hollow. 10K will pinch me but 8K would be fine. I talked to Sandra at Union and she said I can get a 5 year arm, which would get me to 69 before the rate could rise. The payment would be 860 a month, which is doable.

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