Friday, September 11, 2015

second week of classes done

Another catch up entry. A lot has happened since the dinner disaster with Claire. She did apologize and I told her when she and Maddie want to try dinner again, to just give me a call. I have finished my second week of classes and everything is going fine. The student who cheated on the surprise quiz and slammed the door apologized for both things and was fine in Thursday’s class. My second Realism and Naturalism class on Washington Square was very good, and Jenna’s presentation was outstanding, hopefully a good model for the other students. Kelly seems to be doing much better and though I don’t think she is out of the woods yet, she is calmer and a little happier. I have been in touch with her through email, text and phone almost every day and I think my support is helping. Talking to her today was much easier, certainly not crisis mode. Alfredo doesn’t understand why she got in touch with me but I really don’t care. She got in touch and I have to be there for her as I have been for the past 25 years. When she is back to her old self, things will change I’m sure but for now I want to be available whenever she needs me. I went kayaking with my friend last weekend and we had a lovely time. We went from Dudley’s to the Arsenal bridge and paddled very slowly chatting a lot. I have been doing my morning hikes when I can, weights and yoga every day, 2 bike rides almost every day, and golf almost every other day. The hollow is in good shape and the lettuce is up (about 2 inches) in two of the trays and I am hoping the other two trays will sprout soon.

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