Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ist day of classes

This will be a long catch up. It is Tuesday and I have now finished my first day of teaching. It was rough having 4 courses but I got through. I think it will be more interesting dealing with the literature. I slept poorly last night and tonight, though I got a nap between classes 2 and 3, I am tired. I did ride my bike along the new river for over 50 minutes and after I finish my blog, I will try to do another ride on the Tech campus. I did my Lumosity training so that’s good. I haven’t heard from Darya so I’m not sure what is going on with her. I have been in touch with Kelly and I will talk to her tomorrow. I hope I can help her with my support. My dinner with Maddie and Claire turned out fine, except that Claire wanted to return home so I drove her back (fortunately with Maddie in the truck) and then Maddie and I went for steaks at Bull and Bones. She is a wonderful young lady. I have the house in order and two trays in my greenhouse have come up so I should have lettuce in a few weeks. I trimmed around the house, took the tractor out, did some walks and checked out the generator. I went out to walker creek and caught 5 nice bass. I have been biking a lot and tomorrow I hope to play golf in the morning before I head to the dentist.

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