Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Meetings at RU

Thursday was the first day of my duties at Radford. I had to attend the College meeting, then the department meeting, then the personnel meeting. I was pretty tired since I didn’t sleep well last night and it was very hard to get up. I drove in around 8, got a Starbucks coffee and made it through the meetings. I packed up the stuff in the refrigerator and then got some ice and a sandwich at Jimmy John’s. I was going to go straight home for a nap but I felt better after the sandwich and decided to go for a bike ride on the Huckleberry. I rode for over 50 minutes then headed home and dropped off for a very deep nap. It was hard to wake up but I finally did, had a cup of coffee, practiced the piano, finished my weights and yoga, then took a hike down to the gate twice. I have planted my first three trays and I watered them twice today. At about 7 I drove into town and did my second bike ride around the tech campus. I wanted to go to a movie tonight but none interested me so I am just going to go home when I finish my blog. I did get a phone message from Kelly and e-mailed her back. I hope I don’t get hurt again but I do want her to know I am still there for her. I also responded to Darya’s e-mail and I will be sending her the Writing Poems book.

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