Friday, August 14, 2015

Cape Breton

Thursday started okay, with coffee at Tim Horton’s and another 50 minute bike ride at Memorial University. Then I went back to the campground, showered and started for the ferry. After a half hour it started to rain and that made things a lot more difficult. I got off the Trans Canadian and started for the ferry but pulled over to nap. Then I went into Placentia for lunch and then to the ferry terminal where I was able to ride my bike for 35 minutes before it was time to board. My room was small but very comfortable (the boat is pretty new and more a cruise ship than just a ferry) and did some cleaning up of my gear and my weights and yoga. I walked around some, watched the last 45 minutes of Wreck It Ralph, walked around some more then watched a half hour of Interstellar. The ferry got in around 9 am and I started my drive to Cape Breton. I stopped at the turnoff to the Englishtown ferry and rode my bike for 50 minutes, then stopped at a café for a sandwich and whom do I see but Darya and her boyfriend. They said they had seen me biking and were very surprised to see me as I was them. We talked about perhaps meeting in Cheticamp for dinner but things unfolded differently for all of us. When I finally got into Ingonish, the fellow at the Highlands Golf Course (an expensive course and only 18 holes available) told me he could get me on at 3:10 if I wanted to play by myself and that it would cost 90 dollars. I took the tee time, took a quick nap and then headed for the main street café for coffee and strawberry shortcake. The café had internet so I checked out the course in Cheticamp and it was basically the same price so I figured I would treat myself and probably just play 14 holes. I got there, paid up and then met the couple ahead of me after the first hole and they offered to let me join them and I did. Eric and Susan were a lot of fun and I played well for 14 holes and then lost it for the last 4. It still was a lot of fun. It was after 7 and I still didn’t have a campground, but just after I left the golf course, there was the Ingonish National Park campground and they had plenty of space. I rode my bike for 30 minutes then headed to Andrew’s pizza where I answered my phone messages and found out that Laura was expecting me today (I texted her back and the 21st will work) and also talked to Darya about meeting tomorrow perhaps (they went to Meat Cove and were going to go kayaking in the morning). Interesting day.

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