Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Problems and Some Solutions

Tuesday broke with sunshine and a desire to do things, almost confusing at points. I went and had my coffee and breakfast sandwich, checked my e-mail and then headed to town. I stopped at Bannerman park to ride my bike for 50 minutes and then headed up to Signal Hill for a walk and some pictures of the beautiful harbor. Heading back I stopped in town and went walking along the harbor and along water street. It was perfect. I stopped for a vegie burger and salad at Jack Astor’s overlooking the harbor. Then it was more walking and then back to the campground. I wanted to play golf and instead of driving 40 minutes outside of town, I decided to play at Pippy Park even though it would be with other players. The 27 hole course was packed but when I got to the first tee, I could have played by myself but I asked the 2 fellows in front of me if I could join them. Bret and Paul were salemen for heavy equipment accessories and they were very pleasant. Paul hit a drive almost 280 and I, after opening with 2 6s, ended up shooting a 44, the key moment when I putted in from off the green from 40 feet, giving me a birdie. Then it was back for a nap, weights and yoga, another bike ride (this time on the main Memorial University campus, a very good place to ride. After that it was time to head into town for dinner and I luckily parked right near Oliver’s the place bret and paul recommended. The dinner was superb, fresh local cod with blueberry sauce, steamed mussels in a yummy coconut sauce, two lobster claws which the terrific waiter (to whom I gave a 40% tip) substituted for the scallops that were supposed to come with the meal. It was one of my best meals ever, and after it I decided to take a short walk down water feeling pretty good about things. Wednesday was supposed to be rainy but when I awoke past 8 (I had to take a sleep aid) it was sunny so I decided it would be another do things day. The showers had just been cleaned so I got a good hot shower in and then headed over to Tim Horton’s to do my Lumosity training and the blog. Then it was time for a 50 minute bike ride at Memorial University, then a ride to Cape Spear, where the wind and the fog were a bit much, then back to town for Quidi Vidi but the street had a Pakistani restaurant and a grocery where I got a mediocre sandwich. I went back to Tim Horton’s but now my computer wouldn’t allow me to get any e-mail so that was a real problem since my phone wasn’t getting them. I tried to call but that went nowhere, so I decide to head off and do my second bike ride and then go into the public library at Memorial and see if I could fix things. The bike needs some work on the chain and Ian at East Coasters explained how to fix it, but it will be a little complicated so I decided to wait till I really need it. The visit to the library was a failure, but I did leave a message at the help desk and when I got up from my nap and did my yoga and weights, I tried to fix it but the internet at the campground wasn’t the best so it didn’t work. This was giving me a bad feeling but I decided that I should go back to Fog City for dinner because I knew their internet worked. That was a good move because I was able to change the password and get my e-mail back. I changed the password on the phone but it is still not working but that is not too big a problem.

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