Tuesday, August 11, 2015

a tough day of driving

Monday was a very hard driving day. There was a lot of heavy rain and wind and I gave thought to stopping early and getting a room many times. I stopped several times just to get off the road and finally I stopped at a catholic elementary school when the sky cleared a little and hoped to get 5 minutes of riding in, but I was able to get a full 50 in riding around the school parking lot at least 50 times. I was very grateful for that. The weather was a little better now so I decided to try to get close to St. John’s and maybe even head into town for dinner. I stopped at an awful campground that scared me off when the proprietor came to the door in an undershirt and the place looked like one’s worse nightmare of a trailer park. I drove away quickly, and stopped to use my GPS to locate a campground even closer to town at Pippy Park. It was only a few miles from downtown and it was clean and pleasant. I checked in and then went to the Avalon Mall for a very late lunch. There was a movie theater there and that seemed promising for later. I then went bike riding over at the nearby college, took a nap and then returned to the mall for coffee and a brownie at Starbucks. I checked the movies out and the Mission Impossible movie was showing on Imax at 7:30 so that gave me time for a little walk, a salad and vegetable stir fry at Fog City, and then a very entertaining movie. I was tired but when I got back to my campground I did my weights and yoga. Not a terrible day overall.

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