Monday, August 10, 2015


This morning I got up around 8, obviously needing the sleep. It was sunny (it was supposed to be raining) so I was indecisive about what exactly to do. I was still thinking about Twillingate but when I called the woman said there were no icebergs left so it would be a whale tour exclusively. That made my decision harder but when I got to 340 I thought it best to go to Twillingate, a lovely coastal town, and get a boat tour in since the weather was so nice. I stopped at Boyd’s cove to bike ride for 50 minutes and it was a pretty ride along the cove. Then it was off to Twillingate for the whale watching. We spotted one male humpback and that was good enough for me, just to see the 40 foot creature for an hour. We also saw cod chasing capelin to the surface and that the captain said was very unusual to see. I met a couple from Montreal and the woman, Darya, and I had a pretty intense conversation about spirituality (I am spiritually impaired as I told her) education, and writing. She is supposed to send me some poems. I really enjoyed meeting her because she is clearly a seeker, and I felt a little bad that I am so complacent. On the drive back I was indecisive again, mainly because I couldn’t get my phone to work but just as I got into Gander, I was able to call the golf course, and though it was after 6, they were going to be open till 9 so I could get nine holes in. Now I had purpose and started playing a very nice course but realized I should try to get a campsite so I called Jonathan’s Pond Campground and made a reservation. Now I focused on golf and it was a decent course but the front 9 had 4 par 5s and 3 par 3s so I ended up playing the last hole, the fourth par 5 as a 270 yard par 4. I ended up with a 49. After finishing I decided to drive to the campground and pay so I could stay in town as long as I liked, but I got misled by my GPS and I ended up wasting 20 minutes. Once there I treated my ear and then did my yoga and weights (which I had skipped yesterday) and then went for a 25 minute bike ride. Now I headed into town for dinner and luckily there was a Chinese restaurant open till nine (it was 8:45) and I got there and had a fine dinner and an entertaining conversation with the owner’s 6 year old son, who was very friendly and very bright. I then went to Tim Horton’s but I just read the news since I was too tired to do any work. An indecisive but productive and ultimately rewarding day.

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