Saturday, August 1, 2015

the tourist people lied about the black flies

I ended up eating at the Zonic restaurant and the chicken Caesar was quite good. Then it was back to the campground for a decent night’s sleep. In the morning I headed to the Tim Horton’s for coffee and an egg and cheese croissant. I did my Lumosity training and caught up a little on the news, the big thing being the piece of the 777 that has been discovered. It really has to be from MH 370. After that, I drove out to the golf course and was able to play nine holes, though the bugs drover me more than crazy. I ended up shooting a 51, and even though the bugs were fierce, it was a silly second shot on the last hole, a par 3, that doomed me. I went for the pin, which was no in line with the bunker, and ended up in the bunker and flubbed my first shot then hammered my next one and ended up with a 25 foot putt for a 49, and the putt wasn’t close. Then it was time for a nap and then a bike ride in the parking area around the mall. It was very good to be away from bugs and able to stop and not be attacked. Following the bike ride, I started my drive to Churchhill Falls and after fishing an interesting spot on one river and getting nothing, I stopped at a little stream and my luck changed. The little brook trout (up to nine inches) was killing my Royal Wulff and I caught and released 20. The black flies were awful (my wrists were bleeding) and even with my mesh jacket, I had to use bug spray. I drove into Churchill Falls desperate for a shower and to my disappointment I was told there were no campgrounds, but I could sleep in the parking lot at the town center. There was also a restaurant open till 10 and that was good. I went up to check on the hotel rate and when I told the clerk that I really needed a shower, he helped me get one in the gym. Such a shower I have never had. Boy, did that feel good. I gave the clerk 10 dollars after I finished and he was thankful. I rode my bike for 20 minutes and have just finished my pizza and salad dinner and carrot cake and tea dessert.

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