Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pomona and Oliver

I got up pretty early and I decided to go ride my bike for 50 minutes and then do my weights and yoga out in the driveway. That worked perfectly and I was able to say goodbye to Laura and Andrew and Sylvia and head off at 8:30. The drive was no fun and it was much slower than expected and it was clear I wasn’t going to make Jenny’s in the evening unless I drove straight there with no nap, no second bike ride, no golf and no watching Tiger on TV. I certainly didn’t want to do that so I called Jenny and arranged to see her tomorrow morning. This gave me time to play nine holes at the Pendleton Golf Course (and to watch Tiger’s last 4 holes), and make it to William and Mary for a 50 minute bike ride with my lights on. I ate at the Applebees and then showered and fell into a solid sleep. Today should be the last day of my trip so I was feeling both excited and a little frustrated that I still had to drive to Virginia Beach. That was an hour there and one back and I couldn’t stay that long, but I knew it was best to visit. Jenny asked that I come at 10:30 so that gave me time for a 45 minute bike ride in large adjoining parking lots in Virginia Beach. When I got there I could see that Oliver was a lot of work. Paloma was glad to see me and we all went for a swim in Jenny’s parents’ lovely pool. Then it was time to start back, just a little past noon. I ran into traffic by the 64 tunnel and all the way up to Charlottesville there were many instances of rubber necking. Just heading up Afton Mountain, 64 West was closed so I was stuck there for almost a half hour. I knew I needed a bike break so at the Cyrus McCormack farm I exited and rode for 40 minutes. Then it was drive on although I could tell I was getting tired so I decided to stop at the Applebees at exit 137 and have a bite to eat and do my internet stuff. My trip should end by 10 or so tonight.

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