Saturday, August 22, 2015

Julian and Laura

Fortunately, today was much easier weather wise and after a 50 minute bike ride at Willowbrook park and some weights in yoga in my room, a quick nap set me up to get ready to head to the city. I got the 1:30 ferry so I was in the city at 1:55, meaning that I had 20 minutes to walk so I heading up past the heliport and back to catch the R. I got to Gabe’s house right about 3:30 and Julian was waiting for me and off we went to the playground where he had a good time climbing things and riding his scooter with a kid he met. I was able to sit quite a bit and I did end up playing a bit with an 8 year old who was fighting with his mother and I made up a game for him which he very much liked. Then it was time to head home and dinner was fabulous. Francesca made a wonderful salad topped with marinated pork that was unbelievable, one of the best salads I ever ate, and then there was some terrific pizza, like nothing you get in Virginia. There was some good conversation but I was really tired so I went to bed at 10:30 and didn’t sleep well. When I got up Julian was ready to go with his babysitter Cassie and I went for breakfast and coffee nearby. I didn’t walk around since I wanted to safe my legs for Julian’s adventure and I am glad I did. He got back around 2 and by 2:10 we were off for the x27 bus stop. Unfortunately, the express bus didn’t come till 3 so we had an ice cream when the Mister Softee truck pulled up (and Jules covered himself in ice cream, which I washed off most of at the fountain in the playground across the street) and Julian played some on the monkey bars. We made it into Manhattan in about 40 minutes and got off at 23rd street, the northern terminus. I offered Julian a trip to the top of the Freedom tower (which is not open) and a cruise around Manhattan but he wanted to go to the Children’s museum up on 83rd. It wasn’t too impressive but Julian had fun and when it closed at 5, he wanted to go the Grand Central Station where he wanted me to buy him a present. The toy store there was fun and I bought him a city bus that he didn’t have. He wanted to see the Metro North trains so we walked out on the platform and got on one so he could see inside. Jules was a bit worried that the train would start off, but I told him, if it did we would just go to the first stop and come right back. After we got off I asked the conductor where the first stop was and when he said Cortland, NY, I realized I almost made a big mistake. Julian was now hungry so we had dinner at Cipriano’s in GCS. I had a good tortellini dish with a side salad, and Julian had pasta with butter and some good bread. I checked the express bus schedule and found that the last express but was at 7:06 so we were going to have to get over to 41st and Fifth pretty fast after dinner. We made the 6:51 bus and when we got to Bay Ridge, Julian wanted to go to the playground, even though it was close to getting dark. I called Gabe and he said no, that Julian had to come home and that’s where we went. He didn’t want to go to bed so I played one game of chutes and ladders with him but that didn’t help much. After Francesca put him to bed, Gabe and I had a nice chat and then it was time for bed, pretty exhausted but pretty satisfied. I decided to leave at 8:30 so I would have time to ride my bike, do my weights and yoga and take a nap and that plan worked well. I got to the Hampton Inn by 11 and ended up taking a nice ride at the Rutgers University Farm, then weights and yoga and then a good nap. I got to Andrew’s right on time and Laura was very excited to see me and we went for a swim almost right away. The pool was wonderful and we played all sorts of games and then we went for a short bike ride and played on the swings. What a smart and interesting 10 year old. First Julian, who is already an interesting child, and then Laura, who really is exceptional. It was also fun to see Andrew and Sylvia and Andrew prepared an excellent dish of salmon and rice and we chatted long into the evening. I got up pretty early and I decided to go ride my bike for 50 minutes and then do my weights and yoga out in the driveway. That worked perfectly and I was able to say goodbye to Laura and Andrew and Sylvia and head off at 8:30. The drive was no fun and it was much slower than expected and it was clear I wasn’t going to make Jenny’s in the evening unless I drove straight there with no nap, no second bike ride, no golf and no watching Tiger on TV. I certainly didn’t want to do that so I called Jenny and arranged to see her tomorrow morning. This gave me time to play nine holes at the Pendleton Golf Course (and to watch Tiger’s last 4 holes), and make it to William and Mary for a 50 minute bike ride with my lights on.

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