Monday, August 24, 2015

First day back

I got in last night around 10:30 and there was a 5 inch thick tree down that would have required me to get the chain saw out and that seemed too much so I just walked up and settled in, watching some TV and doing my weights and yoga. It was great to be home. I got up early and went to do the grass before all the bugs came out and it got too hot. The mowing went well and it didn’t take me much longer than usual. Next I unloaded the truck and got the kayak out and opened up at the cabin. Then I finished up with the truck, started a wash and fixed things around the house. I got things in pretty good shape and then did my yoga and weights. It was time to drive into town and play golf (which I did very well, 46 for nine) and then head to my office to take care of the Digital Measures stuff (Rosemary still wanted me to print out my FAR, even though that wasn’t supposed to be my responsibility). I got that done with help from Nancy Taylor and then called Rob and he was ready to go for a hike and we had a nice chat. I think things with Noah will get better; at least I hope so. Then it was time for my bike ride, for over an hour on the Tech Campus (it was much harder with all the students back). Now I am working at Starbucks and then it will be home by 11 or so. Claire e-mailed me and I hope to see her Wednesday.

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