Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fall lettuce is planted

Tuesday started out very well, with my first hike since I returned on Sunday. I pruned the road some and went up three times to the orchard. I still have some pruning to do but not much. I may have to cut down the infected fruit tree so it doesn’t get the others sick. When I got back from my hike I planted three containers with lettuce and set up the watering system again. I did another laundry, did my weights and yoga, practiced the piano, and washed the dishes. I also put the new sheet and pillowcases in the truck and organized the crates better. I drove into town around 2 and had a nice bike ride on the Huckleberry for over 50 minutes. Then I drove to East Coasters and left my bike to be worked on, the chain needing tightening. I had some food over at Our Daily Bread then took a nap. I had East Coasters order my bike seat since I was having problems with the website. I then decided to drive out to Walker to fish but Rob called and I decided to go back and walk with him again. We had a fine walk and then I went to VT to do my second long bike ride. Good day.

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