Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back in the USA

I was going to drive north and connect with 95 once I crossed the border but my GPS, finally working, told me that taking 1 through St. John’s made more sense and it did. I fumbled my way downtown and ended up right by the water at the place where they do concerts. The only problem was that it was pretty foggy but that really didn’t bother me. I found the bike path which I had ridden on before and had a lovely long ride with the sun clearing things somewhat. After that I decided to head for the border and though I was tired I wanted to make it before I napped. The border crossing was easy and I bought some wild blueberries which were quite good. It was time for a nap and then I was hoping to find a golf course but I didn’t until I was less than 25 miles from bangor. Sawmill woods was advertised as a 9 hole par 36 course and thought I was a bit skeptical, it turned out to be a fine course, most holes from the red being about 300 yards and some quite tight. I played rather well and shot a 48, marred by one eight on a hole that my long putt took a remarkable bounce the wrong way and ended up 30 feet away, which I proceeded to three putt. I found a campground about 6 miles from bangor, checked and then drove into town for my second bike ride on the Eastern Maine Community College campus. It did have a residence hall which somewhat surprised me. After my ride I found a shady spot and did my weights and yoga, then headed to the nearby movie theater where I found out that “The Man from UNCLE” was playing at 7:30 which gave me time to head for an appetizer at Chili’s, watch the final 5 holes of the pga championship and do my lumosity training.

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