Saturday, August 15, 2015

Starting to head back, at least to NY

Saturday was going to be a drive day and driving through Cape Breton National Park made it a slower drive to start. I ended up stopping at Pleasant Bay to ride my bike around the harbor (Tracy and I had kayaked here) and then it was on to the spectacular coast near Cheticamp. I took a lot of pictures and will send some out to friends later. I had a lobster salad lunch in Cheticamp along with some seafood chowder and then it was time to drive, at least until it was nap time. My gps wasn’t working but I used my map figure out where I was and ended up at the Canso Causeway, then drove on to Truro and then Amherst. I stopped in Antigonish for a couple slices of pizza with “The Works” (regretting it almost immediately since I had pizza yesterday) but now I wasn’t hungry and I found a road just outside of Truro where I rode my bike for another 50 minutes. I got a text from Darya and they were not going to be in Amherst but I called and told her about my experience with the tidal bore (which was indeed boring since it was about 6 inches high). Laura texted me about my visit and I sent her back a picture from the Highlands. She is very excited to see me and though I am ready to get home, I will go visit her. Gabes left me a message and Wednesday and Thursday will work fine and Julian is also very excited to see me. Then I promised Jenny I would come to Virginia Beach to see her and Oliver, her baby son and her daughter Paloma, who I haven’t seen for several years but may remember me. She was a lot a fun when I saw her last in Oregon. I made it to Amherst and luckily found a campground immediately. I checked in and then drove into downtown Amherst which was not impressive at all. I did a little shopping (bananas and water) and now am going to have a meatless salad at Pizza Delight and then head to Tim Horton’s to check my e-mail, and do my lumosity training.

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