Friday, September 18, 2015

third week done and I have survived

Another weekly catchup. My classes are going well and my problem student didn’t show up at the last class so I am hoping she has dropped the course. I doubt I will have such luck. Things in the hollow are doing fine except for the solar which is still giving me problems. Today, with a lot of sun and running the generator for three hours, I got the batteries the highest so far (1 1225 4 1240 7 7 1250). I have never gotten 1 above 1255 and 4 and 7 past 1270, which is full. I hope to charge them a little more tonight and there should be sun for part of tomorrow. My greenhouse garden is doing well and the new trays have very small seedlings. My troubled friend is doing much better and I think I can take a break from contacting her this weekend. I was very worried a couple of days during the week but I think things are really getting better. I will be going kayaking with one of my other friends tomorrow. Looking forward to that. I think we are getting a 2% raise in November so that would be good. I have been doing my weights and yoga, biking (often twice a day), playing golf very well, and a very little amount of piano practice. I bought a new phone today because Verizon had a good deal on an LG 4. I have phone and internet but I have to get my email and music on Monday at Radford. Claire Hall seems to be doing very well and I hope to see her for dinner on Friday. I wrote a very good response to Dr. Schnecker’s response to my BBB complaint and send it this evening.

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