Saturday, December 15, 2012

a good start to my Florida trip

My trip started out well, making it all the way to Columbia, with a stop at Birkdale to shoot a 49. I didn’t take a nap, probably because of my vegetarian diet, so when I arrived in Columbia I rode my bike along the river for 40 minutes and then went back to the Clarion for a nap, before heading to dinner at the Motor Supply Company Bistro. The beet salad was very good and the vegetarian lasagna was also very good. After dinner, I went to Starbucks and finished my grading and put my grades in. The next morning my ankle hurt pretty much so I decided I had better rest it the next couple of days. I realized that since I couldn’t do much, it would be wise to move up my trip a day or I would be stuck sitting around for over a day, and that is what I did. I would get to Disney on Saturday and go to Epcot and Animal Kingdom on Sunday and Monday, then head to the everglades and key largo. I drove steadily through the day, and of course followed the news about the shooting of the 20 children in Newton, CT. I again had no nap, and got to St. Augustine at a little past three, walked to the very rough ocean for a few minutes, then went to the Comfort Inn (not a very nice one) for a nap. After that I drove to get a ticket for the Hobbit, then had dinner at Carrabas. The movie was very good but not great (at least that is my initial impression) and though I did enjoy it, it wasn’t as compelling as the other ones. The next morning I headed off for Disney, stopping to see the manatees at Blue Spring State Park and then renting a kayak for an hour and paddling around a nearby island. No alligators, but a large one passed just after I got in. I got to Disney just after 3, checked in, took a quick nap, then headed to downtown Disney on the river shuttle, which was very pleasant. Downtown Disney was very commercial (no surprise) but it was fun and I enjoyed how the little kids enjoyed themselves. I walked around quite a bit and decided not to go to cirque or to a movie, and instead had a coke and read from Ship of Fools, then had a mediocre dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant. I am a little worried about my health and I am going to have to have a colonoscopy when I return. I hope it is nothing serious but I have to find out.

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