Wednesday, December 12, 2012

nearing the very end of the semester

I haven’t heard from Chris about the waivers but I assume he just didn’t have time to bring them over. I will have to call him because I do want them signed. I am in my office finishing me last office hour for the semester, and then I have about an hour of grading left which I will do by the weekend. The semester seemed to go well and I will be interested in the students’ evaluations. The hollow is in good shape and I should be able to leave tomorrow pretty early for my trip to Florida. I have the garbage done, the compost bucket emptied, the mouse problem in the crawl space addressed by Dodson, and all the clothes washed. It is pretty cold right now so heading south sounds like a good idea. I hope to do some exercise tomorrow after resting my strained ankle tendon the past two days. I have covered the strawberries and the rest of the greenhouse plants with 2 inches of hay and I hope that works, at least with the strawberries. I helped out Emily with some cash so she can register for the spring semester and I felt good about that.

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