Saturday, December 8, 2012

almost finished and on my way to florida

I have changed my Christmas plans around quite a bit. Now I am leaving on Thursday, going down to Disney World, to see Epcot and the Animal Kingdom, then to the Everglades, then to Key Largo and back. I will be going down to Wild Dunes on Jan 13th, which makes a lot more sense since it will break up the winter more and it should be colder up here then. I have almost everything on my home fix it list done, with my tasks today being to clean the truck seat, fix the CD holder, adjust the netting behind the seats (which really does work well in clearing away the clutter in the boxes). I have been hiking in the morning and the weather has been fabulous (today it was in the 60s and Rob and I had a fine walk at Tom’s Creek). I invited Gloria to come down to Florida but she is too busy right now but she really appreciated the invitation. I think Susan’s very reasonable e-mail has put an end to my argument with Herb. I am sorry Herb wrote such negative stuff but I can’t worry about it. Let it go and move on. My grading is coming along and I should be done by Thursday although the grades aren’t due until Monday. I have finished with all my gifts, and I will see Jeff, Rachel and Benjamin tomorrow and give them their gift. On Wednesday I played golf and shot a 51 with some of the worst putting I have ever done (I think I had 2 four putts). I think I was too concerned the with Herb situation to concentrate on golf, but on Friday I went out with a much clearer head and shot a 47, and my putting wasn’t half bad. I got the waiver done and left several copies for Chris and the other people who are hunting there. Having them signed will make me feel better.

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