Thursday, December 6, 2012

last week of classes

It is Thursday, December 6th and my teaching is over for the fall semester. I am in great shape and I have two more 454 papers to deal with and 4 of the 611 portfolios. I have given the first part of the 200 final, the movie question, and I have part two to give next week. The visit from Ken and Sandy on Monday went very well although Sandy can’t seem to stop herself in trying to help me with what I should do, this time with text messaging. Fortunately, I just cut her off when she goes too far, and certainly Ken and I had a good time. I fixed the leaking toilet by tightening the tank bolts and the gas popping pilot went away (last time it was some bad gas). Maddie Gallo is better from her bronchitis but Claire seems stressed right now. I will visit them before I leave for my trip on next Sunday. The situation with Herb is calm right now and I sent Susan a response to her e-mail that seemed very reasonable to me. I will see what she thinks. I talked to Chris about the waiver to hunt on the property and he’s fine with that. The greenhouse is still okay although nothing seems to be growing much. I have almost finished with my gifts, so that will make things a little easier next week. My paper for CEA has been accepted so I will be going down to Savannah in early April. I hope Gloria can come. Things with Rob remain the same and Fay continues her typical behavior. I do feel sorry for him and I should see him tonight for a walk.

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