Saturday, December 1, 2012

one more week of classes left

I had a nice time watching the Alabama/Georgia game at Jeff and Rachel’s. Benjamin was a lot of fun and we played hide and seek for almost a half hour. They though my vegetarian diet might be causing my digestive problems and my tiredness. They suggested a few different foods and thought things will be fine. Earlier in the day Mark Burnette came out and cleaned the gutters. He helped me cut the supporting piece for the couch, cut away all the plants around the solar panels, dug the culvert out. It was a big help and now I don’t have much to do. I also charged the batteries for the first time in a while. I met Chris and his son Brantley and I gave him the Dick’s gift card and he and his son left a thank you message later in the evening. My week was very busy but I am getting close to finishing with my classes and that feels pretty good. Ken and Sandy are going to visit on Monday evening so I have to clean the house on Monday morning. My finances are okay but I am overspending by a few hundred and I want to stay within my equity line goals even though I am ten thousand two hundred ahead in my 403 B and my Tiaa-Cref accounts.

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