Monday, December 30, 2013

A temporary return to Reese Hollow

I am back into the swing of things after returning from Charleston. I took a nice hike this morning, checked the solar batteries (which did need some water), and switched back to the 500 gallon tank (with 67% in the 100 gallon). I rode the stationary bike for 40 minutes and did my weights and yoga. My side still hurts a little but not too much. I screwed in the storm door screws and it hurt just doing that. I have to get my package ready to send to San Antonio for the 2nd. I won’t need a lot of stuff but I have decided against carrying all the stuff on the train with me. With Gabe having paid me back fully, I am now in pretty good shape. I shouldn’t have to touch my 403B for two years and by then I will be close to retiring and have about 12K extra in my 403B and my TIAA account. I did not sleep well last night (my first back) and after 5 days of very steady sleep at Wild Dunes, I wonder if I can figure out why I am having a problem again.

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