Thursday, December 19, 2013


I am relaxing (having finished my Lumosity training for the day) and having ridden my bike on the Huckleberry Trail and played nine holes of golf (43) along with a fine walk this morning. Yesterday was awful. I waited all day for Suburban Propane to deliver and at 4 when I called to check I was told that the driver (who had gotten stuck before) had tried to deliver and couldn’t. I was beside myself and I gave it to Travis, the manager, and even sent him pictures of the road to show him that it wasn’t muddy at all. Anyway, on this morning’s hike I tried calling Suburban (to see if they could deliver since the road was rock hard) and I couldn’t get in touch with Travis so I gave up and figured I would try to get a delivery after I returned from Charleston. I was annoyed and frustrated and what happens but just as I start back from the orchard, I see a Suburban truck working its way through the pasture. I was more than amazed and though I couldn’t catch the truck until it was up at the house, I did see that the driver (not yesterday’s but one who had been up before) had no problem getting up. I was very happy to get 180 gallons even though the price was close to 4 dollars a gallon. Now I have enough gas to at least early September. No worries about gas this winter. I called Travis and thanked him immoderately and life was once again good. I made my reservations in Charlotte and Columbia and I will be off on Saturday for Charlotte and golf I hope. Tracy did thank me for my birthday greeting, so that made me feel good. I wish I could see her but that is unlikely to happen since she doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with me.

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