Friday, December 13, 2013

semester almost over

I have spent the whole day in the hollow because of the threat of a significant ice storm but I think that threat is lessened. Today there was some sleet and freezing rain but not enough to affect my two hikes to the orchard or my getting up to the cabin to continue cleaning it up. I got three more bags of garbage out and I have finished getting everything out of the loft. I did some work up in the attic in the log house last week and I really have most of the stuff I am not going to use cleaned out. It was a peaceful day, to be sure, with several naps and watching football and golf, but it made it clear to me how restless I would be with a steady diet of staying in the hollow all day. When I was younger I could do a lot more activity so the days went quicker, but now as I’ve passed 62, I can only do so much physical stuff (maybe three hours a day), perhaps an hour or two of writing, perhaps an hour or two of reading, an hour of biking on the stationary bike, some yoga and weights and still much of the day remains. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to be running around doing things for a partner, but being by myself is not ideal. I have about 20 weeks off a year so I already have more than enough time to travel. I think the solution will be to do some volunteer work after I retire or I will be very bored. I always liked volunteer work in the past and I think I will again. Perhaps I should try a little bit now but during the semester I am often very tired and I don’t want to feel overwhelmed. Since I am going to work 5 or 6 more semesters I will have more time to figure things out.

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