Friday, December 27, 2013


My visit to Wild Dunes had been very pleasant. I have done bike riding every day for about 10 miles, fished a couple of times and caught what I think was a 2 pound sea trout (which I released), played the Links course on Christmas Day and shot a 46 from the red tees. I have done a number of beach walks during the day and then I have spent almost every evening sitting out on the Grand Pavilion listening to the roar of the ocean. Very calming and a little mysterious in the darkness. I had a great Christmas dinner at Marv and Joyce’s house, with Aunt Theresa there, and stayed until almost 11, and I am planning to go back to play golf with Joyce on Saturday. I had a wonderful dinner with Gabe, Francesca, Julian and Arlene. Julian has certainly grown and he was fun to play with but he was also very obedient at McCrady’s. Gabe finished paying back so now I should be okay for the next two years. I finished my poem for Lucia and then I wrote a new one for Kelly based on our second tree decorating experience when I visited them recently. I think it is one of my best, and Kelly though it was lovely. My stomach has been pretty good even though I have put on a few pounds so I am not sure what causes it to hurt so much at points. Perhaps it is just when I work with drill guns and things and that stretches the scars. I have basically finished me outlines and rules and I will finish as soon as I hear from CEA about when I am presenting my paper. The paper itself has been sketched out and I think I have enough ideas to fill it out. I am so glad that my brutal semester is over. I hope I never have another one like that.

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