Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the end of the semester draws near

It is the 3rd of December and classes end on the 5th with a week of finals coming up. I have basically made it through, although I still have the 202 final to give and grade and I will have to look at some rewrites. My left side is hurting (probably from all the cleaning I have done in the cabin and the house). I took an easy hike this morning and rode my bike very gingerly after my 444 class. I have gotten almost all the stuff out of the loft (and the rest is right up front) and I got rid of a lot I took down. I bought a shredder and shredded a lot of old documents (getting three big bags full of shredded paper). The propane is at 62 percent so I can get a delivery soon (minimum 100 gallons) and that will guarantee me no problems until the spring. I have to put some tape on the leak in the septic but David thought that a small leak while purging would not be a problem. I have insulated the septic pumps. I covered the lettuce trays with 2 inches of hay and I won’t go back in until March. I stayed home through the break and that was a very smart move. I got all my grading done in a relaxed manner. I think this is the way to handle Thanksgiving. My finances are okay but it will be nice when Gabes pays me back the rest of the money. I can get by but January and February may be tight.

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