Sunday, May 22, 2011

I beat up my stomach with all my shoveling, biking, golfing and hiking so today I am resting. I did go for a walk with Rob this morning and that was fun. We caught up on things and had some laughs. After that I went to visit Lou and Cathy because of a crisis with Cathy’s sister and that was helpful I think. We also had some laughs and I do think it cheered Cathy up a bit.
I hope that Irv can find the Addison’s Leather flower since that would make it easier to protect the property in the way I want. I should know by Wednesday if VOF will accept the changed proposal.
I am almost done with my grading for my Maymester course so tomorrow should be pretty easy.
I dropped off ten copies of my chapbook at Tracy’s along with the magazine article which she figures prominently in. She thanked me for it in an e-mail and wished me well. I wish her the same.
I have turned the vent free heater pilot off and I don’t think I will need any heat again. It was a bit chilly at night for a couple of days.

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