Saturday, May 7, 2011

My trip out to Accomac has started very well. I got off early and by noon I was in Richmond. I couldn’t fix my Amtrak ticket but I did a nice bike ride by the canal and then I walked up to the state capitol and it was rather interesting. The governor’s mansion was large enough and the statues and other buildings were scenic.
I drove on toward Williamsburg and then stopped to play nine at Royal New Kent, where I played the back nine, which I had played before, and shot a 50, not bad for a course with a hundred sandtraps.
I decided to go to a campground and the place was quiet enough and clean if a little expensive. After a nap I went to Starbucks and did my grades and caught up on my e-mails.
Then I went to Carraba’s for dinner (excellent sea bass) and watched Chicago destroy Atlanta. I was tired but it was only nine so I went to Chili’s to watch the LA game and met a pretty and intense married woman who was trying to convert me to her form of Christianity (where there are three levels of hell, the top one total silence). I listened to her because I am searching for more spiritual comfort in my life. Jeff thinks more meditation will help but I am not sure. I am very skeptical of organized religion and I remain an agnostic, though I would like to believe in something eternal. Nature is still a great comfort to me but my Catholic background (judgment day and everlasting perdition) still resonates. I don’t want to commit to a belief system just because I am getting old and things like the gout make my mortality increasingly evident. I am truly not sure what to do.

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