Thursday, August 4, 2011

On Tuesday I drove back into Victoria, found a good parking spot and then updated my blog at a Starbucks next to my SUV. I then walked over to the floating houses, expecting that the water taxis would be running by 9 but they weren’t going to start until 10 and the Museum didn’t open till 10, and my parking time ran out at 10:30 so I really couldn’t do much except head back to the SUV. I walked back, my knee hurting quite a bit and decided to head off since I have done the water taxis before and I have seen many Imax films. I drove to Goldstream, took a nap, then drove on to Nainimo which I had a falafel lunch at the Thirsty Camel, voted the best vegetarian restaurant in Nainimo four years in a row. Lunch was good, not exceptional. I spoke with Rob and he was doing okay, and then I called Marie and she told me about her trip up to Vermont with Patty. I told her I would try to come to Thanksgiving dinner at Patty’s in Delaware. I will drive down on Thanksgiving morning and see my friends on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. After lunch I drove to play golf at a decent course near Parksdale, and I had a chance to break 50 up to the 8th hole, a par three, where I hit my tee shot on the green and 4 putted. The next hole was a disaster but overall it was a fun time. I wasn’t sure what to do but I drove on to Port Alberni, stopping to take a very needed swim in the icy cold Cameron Lake. After that I drove to Sproat Lake Provincial Park but found it filled so I drove back to a private campground that was nice enough. After setting up my tent, I drove into town for supplies and for dinner at the Clam Bucket, a recommended restaurant that was pretty good. I went across the street and was instantly alerted that a black bear was across the river walking along the shore and later I saw another one. It seems fairly common to spot them. I learned that the Lady Rose, the boat I took from Bamfield many years before, had been sold and was going to be used as a floating restaurant near Tofino.
On Wednesday I was driving out to Tofino and Long Beach when I spotted several lovely little streams running into the Kennedy river. I stopped at one but it was too steep but I could get down to the second one, Kerr’s Creek, and I decided to fish it. At first I got a couple of tiny parr, but then I brought in a 9 inch native, then another parr, and then three more natives. It was very much to my taste even though my knee was shaky when I finished. I drove on to Ucluet, but it was foggy and misty and then rainy and after stopping briefly I drove on to Tofino to do my laundry and have lunch. Tofino was packed and while I did my laundry and ate a decent sandwich I just wanted for get out of there even though there were a couple of bike rentals shops. Fortunately, I found another one and rented a beach bike (large tires) that allowed me to ride on the beach (the weather still foggy but no rain. I then rode a couple of miles on the bike path and then quit with my knee hurting pretty much. I drove back to Port Alberni and had dinner at the Clam Bucket (again quite good) and then drove to Courtney and took a room at a Travelodge. I was going to go back out, but after my yoga and stuff I was too tired so I just watched some TV and went to bed. I will not be able to go on a whale watching tour since it was sold out for today.

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