Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is the bear I photographed up on Freda Creek.

On Wednesday morning after my yoga and Kripalu stuff, I drove to Coeur D’Alene and rented a bike and rode a number of times along the lake. It was not very crowded so the biking was easy and there was a stiff breeze on the lake so it was cool. After my ride I decided to head on and when I got to St. Regis, I was going to fish but I went to play golf at the local course. I struggled, particularly since I had rented some pretty bad clubs but with a great putt from off the green on 9, I ended up breaking 50. Then I went and got my license, drove to the next exit (2 mile) and drove to the left after I crossed the small bridge. It was a lovely spot and I caught 2 nice cutthroats, one on a spinner and one on a stonefly. It had been just a perfect day and I decided to drive on, and eventually I got to Kalispell, then ate at a recommended restaurant, Scottibelli, but it was not that good.

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