Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yesterday’s visit to Spokane was terrific. First I rented a bike and rode for many miles along the river. I also got a look at Gonzaga’s campus. After that I drove downtown, parked under the mall so I didn’t have to worry about meters and went to have a quick bite at P. F. Chang’s. The shrimp dumplings and the hot and sour soup were wonderful. After that I went over to the Riverfront Mall and watched the new Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it did make me think about what period I would like to live in. I would guess the 60s and early 70s. Today with the economy and the bickering in Washington the US doesn’t seem such a great place.
After the movie I walked down to the falls, took some pictures, then walked through the park. I really enjoy downtown Spokane. I then had a chicken and broccoli dish at P. F. Chang’s along with a couple of spring rolls and then headed to the Motel 6 I had already made a reservation at.

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