Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Dental Nightmare but my Vacation still begins

I am finally on my vacation and sitting in the Barnes and Noble in Birkdale Village. I put my CRN numbers on my outlines and I think they are all done. I had a decent morning getting ready to head to the dentist at 12:10 and I got the batteries fully charged, the house in good shape and my truck loaded. It was 7 degrees when I first went out and that was more than unpleasant. Luckily, the windstorm last night didn’t knock down any trees and despite worrying about it, I slept through the night, the first time in many days. I did go to bed after midnight so that might have helped. When I got to the dentist, after stopping at Panera for coffee, it was a different story. I got there 15 minutes early after checking to see if I could come in earlier but was told that being early might not matter. It certainly didn’t matter and I had to wait 45 minutes past 12:10 before I got in. I talked to the receptionist, who was no help, and she told me to talk to the office manager, who was no help and when I said that after the two foulups (and I mentioned that this delay was going to force me into heavy traffic near Charlotte) something should be done to compensate me but she said all that is up to Dr. Schnecker. She thought I should talk to him but arguing with him would just delay me further so when I was finally called in, I was cold as ice and only spoke as needed. I finally left there around 1:45, at least 35 minutes later than I wanted and I drove straight to Huntersville with a one minute rest stop break. Luckily, there was no really bad traffic and I got to the Quality Inn in time to ride my bike for 45 minutes and then go eat an omelette (craving eggs all day after Panera had finished serving breakfast) with a side of fruit. Then it was back to the room for a nap and then off to the Northlake Mall for a 40 minute walk, then back to Huntersville and coffee and dessert at Barnes and Noble.

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