Tuesday, January 6, 2015

About to head for Charleston

I am in my office after a decent day. I took a hike in the morning though it was about freezing, then I finished up attaching the water bottle holder to my bike, charged the batteries a little, did my yoga and weights, practiced some piano (my hands are remembering things) and then headed off to play golf. I almost gave up after three holes but I finished playing, shooting a 50 with a lousy last hole. I then went to eat some veggie stuff at Nagoya, then a long nap and my Lumosity training. I will try to walk at the mall at 8:00 unless Rob calls. He is supposed to meet with Fay and Noah and I hope that isn’t too unpleasant. I will try to do some stationary biking later tonight. My final bridge should be put in on Thursday and then it is off to Charlotte, Columbia, then Charleston for 10 days of needed warmth. I replaced all the pillows in my office, my truck and my house and bought allergy covers for them all. Some of those pillows were criminal. I did my finances again, and I should be able to retire in 5 or 6 semesters, but I have to be careful for the next few years, with no major gifts. I will have to dig into my 403B in February or March just to pay my bills. I do hope that I can stay in the hollow until I am 70. That would be pretty easy to handle financially.

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