Saturday, January 17, 2015

almost classtime

It is almost time for classes to start and I think I am in pretty good shape. I have revised my outlines and rules to make them clearer and more detailed and I have changed over to the new assessment outcomes in 200. I had a lovely day, a fine walk, then some cleaning up at the cabin, then watching Duke beat up on Louisville, heading in to play golf (46 from the red), then a bike ride and a half hour nap. I am in my office now and I am still working on cleaning up my computer files and I have made some good progress. Amazingly, I have slept the last three nights in a row, and not eating anything after dinner may have contributed. My weight is still 218 but my goal by the end of January is 216 and I think that is possible. I haven’t heard from Gyorgyi but I assume she is still doing well. Cathy is still sick and I am worried about her. She has been to various doctors but no one can really find out what’s wrong. My finances aren’t very good but if I am careful for at least the next year, I should be okay.

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