Tuesday, January 13, 2015

wild dunes and reflection

My visit to Charleston started well and I got to Wild Dunes around 12:00, checked in the 513 in the Broadway Inn, got on my bike and rode for 50 minutes along the two golf courses and the various ponds and past the marina. After that I wasn’t feeling that tired so I went to play golf right away and the wind was pretty stiff but I played okay, shooting a 46 and a 49 (ending with two awful 7s, one on a short par 4 that I hit two poor shots on. After that I went for a nap and when I got up I walked out to the beach and was ready for the first playoff game between Baltimore and New England, which turned into a great game. After the first half I drove in to P.F. Chang’s for a dinner of Hot and Sour soup, steamed shrimp dumplings and a mix of broccoli and eggplant with no rice. After the game I walked around the shopping center, checked out the movie schedule at the Palmetto Grande, and bought a museum book to cut up for my poetry class. On my return I watched some of the second game (Seattle versus Carolina) but it wasn’t very good and I went out to sit by the pools and listen to the ocean and look at the very bright stars. I was helped by a star map to find Rigel and Betelgeuse, along with Sirius, and I spotted Auriga, the Pleiades, Taurus and Orion on my own. On returning I checked the weather for the next few days and found out the bad news that it was going to rain for the next three days and then it would rain again on the fifth day. No sun predicted until Friday, the day I planned to leave. I called the operator and she said that if I wanted I could leave tomorrow morning but to notify them by 10. I could not sleep with my weather worries so I had to take an over the counter sleeping pill which eventually worked. When I awoke at 8, the sky was overcast but no rain so I quickly made a cup of coffee and headed out for a 50 minute bike ride. When I got back, I dropped off to sleep for a few minutes, then decided to walk the beach until it was time to head into Charleston so I might get a bit of the town even if it did start raining. When I got in there was still no rain so I parked and walked for 40 minutes before stopping at the South End Brewery for a late lunch and the first football game, Dallas versus Green Bay, which I hope will be a great battle. The game is still in the first half, tied 7 to 7, and I am feeling pretty good about the weather which is clearing and partly sunny. I am glad I stayed and I will decide tomorrow morning if I want to leave. It would make sense to stay until Wednesday morning and play golf with Marv and Joyce. We’ll see how the weather holds out. Overall, my life is productive and comfortable, but I am dissatisfied at points. I am not doing much writing, and though the return to playing piano was rewarding, it isn’t the thing to bring me that much satisfaction. I will return to playing my sax now that my bridge in finally in. I have been out in the hollow for over three years and if my goal was rebirth then I haven’t come close to success. Still no visionary moments though I am very content with living in the hollow as long as I can. Perhaps after I retire volunteer work will help me feel better. I do give a lot to charities and I have been generous to many people so I guess that counts. I haven’t heard from Gloria even though I called her about 5 days ago. I think she is still recovering from the things I mentioned about her visit. I hope she comes to terms with my comments because she did act poorly at points.

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