Saturday, April 22, 2017

contract on the hollow signed

I think my computer is not working right again so this will be for the past few days. On Friday I was able to do a good bit of exercise, trimming a little of the trail, walking up to the orchard twice from where the orchard road steepens, doing my knee exercises, riding the stationary bike for 20 minutes, doing most of my weights and actually practicing the piano a little. I decided not to go into town since I was too tired, and that worked out very well. Saturday was an interesting day as Darbi contacted me and said she had an offer from the young couple who loved the hollow. If all goes well (and a number of things could pose some problems), I should be able to clear around 200K, which would allow me to pay off my equity line and pay off Tracy with having to take too much out of my AXA money, and that would be very good. There have been 7 buyers interested, and four were coming out this week, but Darbi thinks the contract I signed when I met her in my office this afternoon is a very reasonable one and now I won’t have to show the house unless things fall apart. Darbi thinks there is a good chance the sale will go through. Right now I am very weak and I have to rest for a couple of hours after I do anything. I hope the shot I should be getting this week to help with the anemia will help my energy some and that the IV Cytoxan treatment on Wednesday will start showing effects in two weeks or so. Time is so slow right now but I am trying to stay as positive as I can. I am still reading the Bible, and thinking about my relationship to Jesus, and wherever I can get spiritual support to get me through this worst time in my life I will try to use it as honestly and as heartfully as I can. I have heard stories of people living with lupus for 20 years but right now I would be glad for a few more years of health.

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