Monday, April 24, 2017

Two days to my first Cytoxan Treatment

I stayed home on Sunday because of the rain and not surprisingly the evening went very slowly even though I read quite a bit (I’m reading the Iliad from my Great Books collection and it is nothing like the movie Troy, the Bible, a chapter a day starting with Genesis and I can’t say I am getting much out of it but my search for faith in Jesus continues, Crime and Punishment, simply an amazing novel and one that I will be very sorry to finish), watching some of the NBA playoffs and I’ve gotten back in watching Game of Thrones and I am enjoying that quite a bit. I did some stationary biking, all my knee exercises, full set of weights and yoga. I hope that will help once the Cytoxan treatment begins on Wednesday. Darbi called and has some issues with a maintenance agreement on the right of way but when I spoke to her briefly today she said tomorrow she will go to the courthouse to figure things out. I have stopped all the asthma meds so that feels pretty good. Monday was another rainy day and I rested a lot, did more reading, rode the stationary bike for over twenty minutes, did all my knee exercises, and then decided to head into town to get out of the house for a few hours. 603 was closed but cars were riding around the cones so I did but I realized that I was going to have to drive home through Seneca Hollow or take a chance on a long road back. I stopped at Ruby Tuesday for salad bar and it was nice to eat a variety of veggies. I have been eating too much pasta and even though I eat a small salad from my greenhouse, it’s just lettuce. I hope things work with David and Laura, but I guess Darbi will just put the hollow back on the market. If I can’t get a decent price I am hoping once my health returns (I will be off the prednisone in July and my Cytoxan treatments should be well along by then), if I can stay in the hollow till February, then I start getting my full pay again and that should give me a couple thousand more a month. I will just have to see. I am going to go shopping for a few things after I finish my blog and then I want to get home before dark.

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