Thursday, April 20, 2017

IV treatment to start next wednesday

Another catchup. Monday was an okay day, long and slow, hoping to see Trivedi on Tuesday. I got to see her at four and she adjusted a few things with my meds and told me she is going to try to set up my first Cytoxan treatment next week, and that if it works I should start to feel better in a couple of weeks. She is also going to schedule me for an anemia shot and that should also help. The first young couple Darbi brought out really liked the property and she says they are going to put in a bid (I don’t have too high of expectations). Dougie called on Wednesday and we had a long talk about Jesus (he has had Jesus in his heart since he was a child). He was going to come out on Thursday with a builder friend and he hinted there could be some negotiation from the 180K price. He invited me to come to church with his female partner on Sunday at 10:30 but today (Thursday) Darbi texted me and said she is having people out on Saturday at 1 and Sunday at 10:30 and 1 so I told him I would try to come the following week. He is a very good man and I am thankful for his support right now. In prep for Dougie’s visit I decided to cut the grass but the lawnmower wouldn’t start so I had to push it half way to the gate so the Meade people can pick it up next Friday. Then the light went out in the bathroom and my remote needed batteries but at least the house is nice and clean and pushing that lawn tractor was a lot of work so I got my exercise in pushing it and walking back to the truck. After that I napped but Dougie called and said he couldn’t come today but that’s okay. Then I showered and headed into Olive Garden for Maddie’s birthday dinner and that was fun to see all the Gallos. Lou’s back must really be bothering him since he had to get up every few minutes. Claire seemed to be doing pretty well and I really hope Wake Forest will turn out to be a good experience for her and Maddie. Maddie’s department graduation is o the 13th and I am going to try to go. To get a good seat at the Lane Stadium event you are supposed to get there at 7:30 and the event doesn’t start until 2:30, which seems crazy. I called Sam Shoop to thank him for talking with me and I have set up an appointment with Father John at St. Mary’s to discuss confession and other things. I emailed Kerie and she emailed me back a long email and says that her congregation is including me in their prayers and I am thankful for that. I bought a large print Bible and I am reading a little in that each night. Time is very slow but the 5 mg valium has really helped me sleep and that is crucial.

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